Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When You're Afraid Of Something, Let It Go?

"Escapee From Lab J" by Herr D on heromachine.

[laughing, deep in gills] That's just so FUNNY!

What is funny? The content of the newsfeed seemed serious.
[startles] Oh. Hi, Shelob. I'm sorry--Trump cut off access to most journalists. Ha! 'The cottage went dark!' [more laughter]

[deep gill intake] Well, he probably got sick of journalists trying to get information, be it through leakers, or slips of the tongue, or simply asking certain questions in certain ways.

The intended question was 'why is that funny,' but if he hated the interplay between the journalists and a spokesperson or himself, he could have written a script and seemed wonderful.
[one eye bugs out, two roll, one narrows, and one blinks] Uh, no.

Why not?
For starters, HE can't stay on script, so he wouldn't know how to ASK such a thing. Then take into account he'd be making his own fake news--I imagine he would detect the hypocrisy in such a thing. He's not a complete idiot. He just seems to have forgotten how to market himself. I daresay his new convert numbers have topped out. Plateaued? What's that phrase?

Bottomed out.
Right. Humans DO seem to have everything upside-down.

Like he should have prepared how to answer, rather than preventing some of the questions?
Like he should remember that when you have an alien monster by the back horn, you don't just LET GO!

Making journalists take up their valuable time to go through security WAS an excellent way to waste their time, hobbling their efforts. If you refer to deliberately giving the journalists more time to research negative stories about him, the phrase is, 'having a tiger by the tail.'
Whatever! I'm gonna go swim. Water won't be this cool forever. I hope they get the coral to quit dying. [exits]

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do Not Be Alarmed; Trump Is Assuredly Human Says Hairy

"Amateur Night, Lavender Lounge, Deck 3" by Herr D on
You have picked a new favorite of Herr D's work.

I'm glad to see Herr D up to his usual stuff. That IS completely the wrong color scheme for that species--more of a maroon-legged, pink-horned palette. Well, the fins are right.

You are regretful about past, according to neuralink indicators.
I am! Sometimes I sorely miss working for Universal Biologic. [reminisces]

Trump's orange hair strongly resembles [species redacted] from your memories of travel.
[startles, splashing and rapid gill expulsion, three pupils dilate] --Oh, good grief! He is NOT one of those! He's too small! Besides, they're much less egomaniacal as a species than he is.

A young one perhaps, wearing a suitbot?
Well, that would account for the nonsensical behavior, but even so--too small because of the extrusions. Besides, any THAT young to BE that small couldn't possibly learn any human languages or use a suitbot that well.

Do you wish to blog with this presented picture?
No, Shelob. I'm going for a swim. [exits]

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Think What You've Done, What You've Asked For" Says Hairy On Scalise Shooting

"Let me be clear about what you likely accomplished, you moron!"

[turns blog function on, nearly breaking off knob] Shelob!

Here. You intend to blog? You have not blogged much recently.

Thank you for your service, DC officers who are still unnamed.

[scans Hairy's last newsfeed] Scalise has been shot during practice for a charity baseball game. The gunman in custody.

The message sent was that congressmen are vulnerable when they do charity work. Nice going. Now any money they MIGHT'VE  been willing to spend on affordable care is going to be used to beef up their security.

Didn't I say recently that congressmen should consider safe houses?

You did, yes.

Well, it's time now. [disgusted gill snort, disconnect]

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Classified Bads: The Defendant Tried Not To Offend

"Congressional Hearing" by Herr D on Windows Paint. He says he's sorry he missed that clip.--Shelob

[blog function switched on by Hairy by accident]

[laughing hard enough to cause ripples, gills at peak activity]

Hairy? You saw something funny on the newsfeed?

The [gurgling choke] morons don't quit, do they?!

No, Comey was fired.

NOT COMEY! He wasn't a moron. The guy on the feed! He actually asked what legal reason did an INTELLIGENCE CAREER DUDE have for not publicly discussing what could be classified material. AFTER the dude tried to be nice and say it 'wasn't appropriate' but would be happy to discuss it in a closed session.

It was inappropriate?

IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW! Congressman Moron was demanding that his witness break the law! I mean, doesn't that count as conspiracy to attempt treason, or something?

You don't know either?

I don't know, but everyone THERE is SUPPOSED to know! Trump is properly called ignorant of the ways of being a president, but these guys are experienced and prepared. They HAVE no excuse.

You made similar valuations of Congress' during other hearings.

Well, yes, now that you mention it. They were just as stupid when they interrogated Hillary. I mean, these guys probably get together and one of them says that they should all study up on how to be like Perry Mason. Then the senile old 6@5#@&!5 go home and listen to Perry Como by mistake. That's probably why they wave their hands around so much. They're trying to CONDUCT an investigation.

That was a pun, correct?

Yes! Hey, that means I coded your humor recognition functions better! We're off--[blog function off]

Friday, June 2, 2017

Greatest Ecological Hits Linked In Quiet Protest Of Accord Walkout

Oh is the element of surprise, according to recent comic strip in Washington Post. The following is an attempt to surprise Hairy into blogging.

[live interaction, unplanned]

[Hairy starts to put on the neuralink, and doesn't] He did it, didn't he?

Who did what?

He stepped out of the Paris thing.

The Paris Accords on prevention of climate change?

Yeah, that. How hard will it be to jump continuua? Go someplace where the climate isn't ruined?

1.338 times the energy of an emigration attempt. No continuum selection possible.

Right. No control over the destination does make me hesitate. At least that guy Jerry is doing better. You know? I haven't been blogging as much recently.

You have not. 

Right. Why don't you provide links to those former blog episodes on the topic of climate change? Two or three oughta do. [exits for a swim]

[.00000000000000000671 second scan] These links are for your enjoyment. 

Controversial: Provides fossil fuel recipe and potentially offensive material for atheists due to misunderstanding of taboos.


Convergence of views: Summation of why topical arguments are pointless.

Inspirational: A solution currently being explored by certain engineering firms.

Enjoy. [disconnect]