Sunday, April 22, 2018

Avoid The Next Depression, Stock Collapse; Just Get Businesses To Do Right? Good Luck.

"Labor Is The Base" by Herr D on The crash of '29 was partially caused by this tendency.

Hats off to Henry Blodget for finally getting an unpopular idea for capitalists published in a business magazine. I've talked about this idea a lot, even pointed out that legislation about it is likely to fail, even if passed (doubtful.) What I didn't do, apparently, is phrase it in such a way that business people would have to face that it is something they are doing WRONG. 'A frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives.' 'Don't go shooting yourself in the foot.' 'Are ya WITH us or AGIN us?'

There are loads of approaches that can help solve a problem like this. Most of the historical ones are legislative, which, I gotta say--not the best weapon against human nature. Right now, however, there AREN'T any others besides outright consumer boycott. They don't usually work as intended, and that's assuming that they get off the ground. Worse, they would only target a company at a time.

So lets say there WAS a convenient law that would accomplish 'fixing' what Mr. Blodget pointed out as a problem that's ruining our country's economy.

Maybe . . . "No corporation may be formed that allows payment or compensation to any member or employee or subcontractor entity to be less than one tenth that paid to the highest compensated member. All publicly traded companies will obey this requirement for licensing or not be publicly traded after 'such and such a date.' Further, they will submit proof of this requirement in ongoing annual reports in the following manner . . ."

Because companies could grandfather in to avoid it. Only public trading could be regulated. This approach would come with temporary problems, but it would in fact help avoid a repeat of the crash of '29. I don't know, guys. Good luck making the right decisions on THIS one. I'm not an economist. I just have good sense.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Get Out; You're Making The Water Taste Bad!

Sighting verified not Hairy. Though apparent mass IS close, the tentacle count is incorrect, and only one color. As his skills do not include makeup, this is definitely not him.--Shelob

Thanks are owed to deliberately anonymous contributor. There is no cause for concern. Hairy does not eat sentient life unless perhaps there are plankton somewhere that have somehow achieved sentience. The current definition and speculated requirements for sentience make that extremely unlikely if not impossible.

In his opinion, most of these interactions will end at the first bite, even if the octopus or squid in question is fairly starved.  Neoprene, he reports, tastes terrible.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

As Hairy Wallows, People Are Still Piggish About Hogg

Hairy has gone traveling above the water line against advice from medbot. His goal is to see if he can take comfort from cold spring rains and not feel uncomfortable being so hot and dry. He has forbidden direct quotations for the present. Therefore:

His summation of Hogg includes that if the youth hadn't been there, that it is still not as fraudulent as paid lobbyists who do not care about the issues, but the pay they get. This includes lobbyists for the NRA. He WAS there, not that the current outspoken care about the truth, but just whatever hysteria they are capable of causing.

As for Hogg being referred to as a bully, Hairy expressed a desire to meet any youth capable of bullying Congress and the NRA. The average school-age child does not learn how to address anyone, in his opinion, nor plan to agree to serve the military in a war zone. Does a corrupt body, which accepts lobbying--the kind word for subtle bribes or bids for unfair control away from voters--actually deserve any respect?

Harry is not of the opinion that they do. Herr D did not respond to the question. Programming suggests they are deserving of civility while they work and contempt when they do not.

Perhaps someone could comment and share another opinion?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Desolation Of Smog: A Revisitation To One Of Hairy's Solutions

"The Desolation Of Smog" by Herr D on, winner of Cityscape contest. Please be well.-- Shelob

Hairy perhaps missed something more obvious than the fallacies involving climate science. There is no need to argue that industry has done harm to the environment. All one needs to do is:
  1. Find a sufferer of asthma who has traveled between Los Angeles and the Rocky Mountains. 
  2. Have them document the differences over time and personal experience. 
There is no arguing that it is harder for many to breathe in many cities than it is far away from them. Perhaps this truth is too obvious to appeal to those who agree or oppose it. Please comment to solve this mystery.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Laziness In Our Enemies Is Something Well Worth Praying For

[autoblog function on] A quick addendum to blog episode 2//16/18, "Guns Merely--".

Convenience and loudness are perhaps underrated as factors in murder. Calculations indicate that a lone wolf attacker could kill between forty and sixty people with a kitchen knife in each hand if he walked through a moderately crowded hotel from the fire exit stairwell on one end of the hotel to the fire exit stairwell on the other end on the top floor and took the opposing pathway on each floor descending to the lobby.

The odds are that any opponent capable of self-defense would be travel-weary and unprepared to drop their luggage to block the blows or retreat to their rooms with successful speed. Power-walking with the knives held against the back of the sleeves, wearing layers of red-brown wet-looking fabric like rayon, and not doing anything to anyone if there were three or more people in the same hallway segment would approximately triple the odds of reaching total where the constant (delta over gamma) is calculated for an expensive hotel with six or more floors with a floor plan involving looping or branching hallways, easily memorized. The odds double again if the criminal maintains a preoccupied face and mutters a grocery list while approaching victims.

1. A toy gun painted black and drawn quickly to point at an innocent or a law enforcement officer could assure non-survival of this criminal. The criminal would not live to hear the well-deserved criticism of peers or have a chance to be taught how foolish they were or how wrong.
2. The fact that kitchen knives have no one attempting to outlaw them is sufficient to explain that people care more about eating daintily than they do about prohibiting violence from their culture.
3. The fact that this has never been done suggests that homicidal terrorists and suicidal serial killers are unusually lazy, besides being foolish and wrong, perhaps properly conflicted. 
4. As far as a preferred victimization scenario goes, hotels normally sell blocks to groups of people traveling for a cause the same way they sell blocks to everyone else--rooms together in the same building. Any floors above a preferred block might be considered practice.
5. No one need worry about killing too many victims they have nothing against. A worldwide average varying between 12.33% and 31.5% of 'friendly fire' depending on the cause suggests that no mass killing ever only kills the people the killer finds objectionable. There are always unintended casualties. When something is inevitable, there is no need for worry. The criminal WILL in fact kill people they would wish to remain alive.

The warlike vigilance touted by extremist websites does not equate with laziness as a virtue, which is further proof that the extremist pathways are too inconsistent to be truthful or sensible.

Hairy would probably say that extremism is always moronic, starting violence is always foolish, and laziness in our enemies is something worth praying for. Bombs, ramming vehicles, or non-machine guns arming such a pathetically suggestible person have a much smaller death toll potential, on average.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Waste Makes Baste? An Example For Congressmen To Follow

[upload directly from Herr D's submission]

Notably, as blogs too often address extremism and polarization and violence, I must recommend any readers stop reading any hate mail and news about wasting human lives and focus for a moment on the wasting of food and drink.

I assisted 'Shelob' with passing along a suggestion to 'my associate across the aisle' on that very topic. Economically speaking, food waste is more a necessary practice for myself than a habit worth justifying, but I commend his efforts with tea.

I further pass on this suggestion to all of you, assisted by 'Shelob' of the great technical understanding:

Tea can be used in place of water or stock when making rice to add flavor (and probably some irritatingly small amount of antioxidants or whatever.) Jasmine or lavender tea provide a gentle flavor to rice. 

I might recommend using only natural sweeteners to those who occasionally burn food like myself, as high concentrations of some artificial sweeteners give off small amounts of toxic fumes if super-heated. Personally, I don't sweeten the tea at all when using it to make rice, but it might add a dimension to sticky rice if that were the goal.

Per Hairy's suggestion of following both sets of bias to center and correct one's views, I recommend as a non-extremist blog, and therefore, a suitable counter to this one.

 [activate titlebot, blog function submit protocol 1033, disconnect]

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Pro-NRA Conspirators Vs 8-Year-Old And Mr. Banks

[nest chat entry with submit, blog on, begin]

Hairy? I've got--


'Shelob?' I've typed out an approximate conversation I had with my 8-year old. I was going to show it to Hairy. I'm proud of it.

Please submit. [upload, eval, filter adjust, blog function submit protocol 1033]

You sai-aid you'd tell me more about the kids in Florida.

Well, I'm pleased to say the kids are doing what they believe in.

You believe in it too, Daddy!

Well, I do. And the kids are being very mature about it.

I think it'd be cool to thank the parents for raising the kids to be that maturing. [sic]

And the kids? For being that brave?

Yeah, the kids too. It'd be cool to thank all of them. They do a good job. Did they finish yet?

Uh, no?

Why NOT?

Because some people don't want them to succeed.

They want more kids dead?

Well, no. They probably just want money from selling more guns.

They could sell band-aids. Kids get hurt WITHOUT getting sho-oo-ot. Don't they KNOW that?

I'm not sure.

They should know that. They should remember needing band-aids when THEY were little. Do they forget things like you, Daddy?

Not really. But they don't remember being young as well as me, either.

Everyone's good at different stuff?

That's right! Very good.

How are those other people selling guns--? [fighting their efforts]

How what?

They're not shooting the kids, are they?

No, honey. They're--calling the kids and the news reporters liars.

That's not nice.

No, honey, it's not. People really did die. And no one is going to solve this problem quickly. That's why you have lockdown drills.

So it won't happen to us.


[end segment, resume chat] Thank you for this. It is blogworthy. You should know that M. Trump has declared pride for those speaking out.

I would declare pride for her if she'd make good on working against cyberbullies like her husband. Set a good example?

Noted. [skip goodbye with Herr D]

Also of note is the paradoxical nature of internet lies.

 Premise #1: If one declares the "kids" to not be actual survivors, it would not mean that cyberbullying them is a correct action. Discovering their social media history and publishing it would be much more helpful. It would prove where they lived, how they were active for causes before, etc.

Initial searches have not turned up even a fake history of the "kids" living somewhere else. Limited profiles exist of some of them indicating that their accounts are true.

Premise #2: If one believes the shooting was 'fake news,' their message is still relevant, because there have been other school shootings.

Premise #3: If one believes there have NEVER been any school shootings, antipsychotic medications can be obtained with therapy from any reputable psychiatrist.

An appropriate quotation addressed to the conspiracy theorists and cyberbullies against these young activists can be found in Mary Poppins. Mr. Banks addressed his employer, saying, "There's no such thing as YOU." Any damage these people could cause would be mitigated if everyone pointed out that the self-appointed combatants themselves are 'fake news.'