Monday, November 20, 2017

Fickled Herr-ing And Disclaimers And Dissing

Thanks go out to 'HyerTakUsPlz' for pointing out the "fickle finger of fate" as Ms. Briskman seems to be receiving karmic balance from the community at large. Fickleness has been noted but not programmed in as a variable in this model.

Uncertain of proper response to various comments, including emoticons and arguments not specific to issue. As always, comments requested to remain anonymous, irrelevant comments, and comments classified nonrepeatable due to biological or ethical taboo by Hairy will remain anonymous and mostly undescribed. 

Current level of anger, irrelevance, and confusion suggests that some of you need therapy.
Here is an example of art therapy provided by Herr D:

 The Reason For Oral Reports 
by Herr D

Bill and Mikes One to Four and me were on the starting lineup. We were going to just play the game last Saturday when Bill and Mike Two took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner.

Coach Jan was right there, whispering for us to join hands and ran up to meet security, which was closin' around us in a hurry with the booin' from the stands. Somebody threw a glass bottle. One of the security guards ran up to get 'em out. Everybody knows you don't bring glass into the stands. I was glad. I had thought WE was in trouble.

I was afraid Coach Jan would take Bill and Mike Two out of the game. But that's not what she did. She ran to the booth and got on, sayin':

 "Attention, ladies and gentlemen. Security has already been sent to remove the worst-behaving people in the crowd. I want to remind you all that this sporting event is a peaceful assembly, like the Constitution says. The Constitution of America also says that people have the right to demonstrate peacefully. It's under free speech if you need to look it up, y'all. Some of you don't want America to act like a team. A team plays fair. A team is united. A team wins over a mob. Anyone else who wants to act like a criminal and not like a true American can get thrown out by security. Some of you might've noticed--my team is holding hands. We don't all agree that kneeling is okay. But we're a team. I'm the coach. You want to tell us peaceably you disagree? You mail our high school a letter. Anything Uncle Sam wouldn't be ashamed to bring us I'll read. Until then, we're ready to play. Just as soon as the glass is cleaned up."

Their shop teacher brought out a shop vac and an extension cord and vacuumed it up himself. Then he talked to the coaches, and asked Coach Jan to apologize to us personally.  He DID say he didn't like the kneeling either, but he does agree we have the right. Then he said he hopes that someday no one will even understand why we thought we had to.  Coach Jan gave him a hug for that right there. I guess he's one of the peaceful opposition we learned about in Civics class. I guess you just got to know how to talk right to get along with people you disagree with. That's the reason for English class and oral reports like this one. Learning a tool to get along with. Thank you all for listening.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Akima Will Likely Go Unpunished, Herr D Wishes He Had Employees That Honest, And Shelob Runs Experiment

Herr D presented this sentiment about the last posting:

It makes me wish I had a company, so I could go offer her a job. Most people I've worked with and for turned out to be less honest than I am. Some of them lie over why I'm not with them anymore.

A rare opportunity has emerged for a simple observational experiment. Please visit the following link:

The contractor known as Akima LLC fired Briskman over 'fear' that her actions and activities on social media would somehow harm the company.

Anyone who has observed the Akima financial reports, as they are public record, please comment upon any fluctuations in revenue. Hairy will permit statistical data be analyzed. The question is whether the company has come to harm with timing that would suggest the harm was over Briskman's firing, Briskman's willing self-identification, the inequity of firing her and not her colleague guilty of violating the same policy, or her social media presence and activity.

The current statistical model is that no significant harm will come to the company at all, for any of these reasons.


Where F is the fingering, S is the social media activity, I is the self-identification, and T is the termination. Time line is not to scale. Please present any data on this topic in comments.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Being Fired Over Waving Isn't Nearly As Shocking As Something Else, Indicates Hairy

Sudden beige alert. Suitbot #4 is paging. Connect through blog software, as blogging is overdue.

Yeah, Shelob, I don't understand this article in the post--

You are speaking of the woman fired for warning her employer about her gesture at the Presidential motorcade.
What is the problem with this action, exactly?

[neuralink feed of general obscene gesture wiki compiled from several web sources]
Ohhh. Good thing I leave the hands on automatic in this rig.

The suitbots' programming does encourage correct mimicking of human behavior, ever since the incident where you walked with your 'knees' bending backwards for two blocks.
So, anyone has the right to make their own business a platform for neutrality and an acceptance of the status quo by influencing their employees' right to free speech.

Businesses play by internal rules, as permitted. 
So free speech isn't really free.

Herr D has commented on the subject frequently. He says that rich people can sue over the truth being made public, and businesses can pigeonhole themselves by limiting employee behavior unless the company is well-run enough. His meaning is uncertain.
Ah. Well, that problem will eventually take care of itself, right?

Your meaning is also uncertain. 
She didn't have to tell them. She COULD have hidden it from them. I mean, eventually, that will make only deceptive people work for that company. Then eventually that company will suffer for the deceptions.

An example?
Like their sales will fall off, and they won't know the real reasons. Then they'll waste money fixing the wrong problem. Eventually the company will suffer enough that it will pay for what it has done.

This will culminate in individual justice?
No, justice in a capitalism happens in groups. Everyone on the same gravy train eats the same gravy, whether it's rancid or full of the best nutrients.

Unable to reference aphorism. Is it a genuine old saying?
Well, it should be an old saying. Tell me more about this Guess thing. What are you supposed to guess abou--[accidental disconnect as Hairy plugged a protruding tentacle into the electrical outlet, suitbot damage uncertain]

Monday, October 23, 2017

Overdue Check-In, Not Enough Karmic Balance

"Belle A La Lugosi" by Herr D on Alternate title "Innecrodiabetic Shock."



Oh. I didn't know you were uploaded to the spitter.

Why do you call this device a spitter when it does not salivate or expectorate?

Because "thing that shoots water out the back for propulsion" takes too long.

You would prefer "hydrostatic propulsion unit."

Hmm. That's still a little long. Forget that for now.

Setting random timer for discussion.

[grumble] Fine. I haven't checked in with Herr D in a while. How's he doing?

He and his family are ill.

Oh. I should send him a well-wish.

He received a copy of your general wish toward his health. He believes you write AI at times.

Really? He doesn't believe in you?

Yeah, Hairy, oh, 'Shelob?' [apparent disbelief] If you had any real powers, I'd ask you to start me reaping what I've been sowing.

[chuckle, deep in the gills] Good old Herr D. Skeptics are good for dreamers like me. Keeps us grounded. Remind me to amp up some good feeling in his direction when I travel onto land again.

Programming reminders into serviceable suitbots. 

There IS a rather large karmic imbalance in his life . . . [propels self away with SeaDont]

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Naysayers, Not Kneelers, Cause Chaos--Who Lied?

[begin recorded segment with Hairy begging out of blogging again, claiming local fauna need assistance] Don't you want to know what this blog episode is about?

No, not really. [annoyed gill-flutter] Okay, what?

[neuralink burst of all available video about kneeling football players in recent news, and rapid-fire streaming of all articles in seven major news zines and digital reprints of print articles]
[convulses a bit] Eeee-ew! That's annoying. [all eleven tentacles spike outwards, translatable as an exclamation point]

The neuralink burst?

No! Well, yes, but I mean the deliberate reinterpretation of others' thoughts and actions.

You seem to think this misunderstanding is deliberate. You cannot be sure of that. 
No? Do a search. Look for ANYTHING mentioned ANYWHERE in the history of humanity before this football season that suggests kneeling is disrespectful of anyone or anything.

[exhaustive search of nearly twelve quadrillion bytes of information: 12 minutes, 43.86992731 seconds] There do not appear to be any. None found.
Well, I knew you wouldn't. It isn't. How many people are falling for THAT nonsense?

Parameters for determinative search?
No, don't bother. The organization Black Lives Matter isn't the most sensibly run or necessarily the best group on its cause, but the non-violent stuff? That's smart. It causes no problems, unlike declaring that kneeling could ever be disrespectful to America, its military, or its flag.

This would mean they are deliberately deceptive.
The people that are grossly lying about the protesters' intents and fooling or attempting to fool others into believing such stupidity? They are the ones causing a problem.

It would be helpful to titlebot to provide a more simple summation.
The truest mark of this protest? Anyone who doesn't like their cause can look at the flag instead of disrespectfully ignoring it and ignore the protesters. Disrespectful would be sticking the wrong finger at it, turning your back on it, exposing genitalia to it, et cetera.

Behaviors like that do not compute.

It's not supposed to; I just read that material on human behavior. I should go up on land again. That bookstore was very helpful.

[end recorded segment, upload, disconnect--

Thursday, October 5, 2017

News Sites Not Bright; Schooling Available

"Ush Hour" by Herr D on Immigration to the Atlantic is increasing. Pity most won't survive winter.

[begin recorded segment in conversation between Shelob and Hairy]
You have not commented on Trump's behavior of late. Many websites are critical, the Washington Post is not. The pundits are only critical of how he talked about hurricane relief, not about how he acted.

No, he's talking the same nonsense. Not interesting. What IS interesting is that that bit about him following the same recipe as Obama got a different result. Clearly the short pamphlet on how to react in a weather crisis isn't too hard for Trump to follow. He acted as he was supposed to, whether he said what people wanted or not. The people UNDER him, the ones that aren't reacting as strongly, thoroughly, or whatever--they aren't doing as good a job. Not all of them are Trump hires, so he can't be blamed for all of that.

What or who caused 'all of that?'
My guess would be the very human but less than professional way they aren't maintaining their job performance under a difficult leader. That's not an excuse. They should be doing a LOT closer to the same level / quantity of work instead of less than a tenth as much.

You are pointing out the tendency to blame a figurehead for an entire administration.

Yes. Trump might be a poor leader or a poor president or anything in particular, but he isn't to blame for generals and bureaucrats not acting right. That they do sometimes anyway. Then there's the other possibility.

Which is?
There may be a worry that they have to maintain 'America First,' and so deal with Texas and Florida before Puerto Rico. They are a territory, and so maybe he counts them less important? That would be consistent, if slightly unwise. I guess I should have you remind people that comments are open? I am glad that the real morons don't comment here, but I'd like some intelligent, or even some pseudointelligent comments a lot more often, especially by people who don't mind me posting their screen names. I won't usually be available for unscheduled chat, because ten anonymous people is more than I can keep up with. [exits lair for swim with thought 'my the schooling is worse today!']

**Hairy IS looking for comments by people who do not mind being reprinted. As always, the occasional request with code YFEO for 'Your Five Eyes Only' will not be shown, only tabulated, categorized, and grouped for rephrasing with other similar texts in context besides direct interaction with or being ignored by Hairy. His current correspondence is taking him away from blogging, and so is not accepting any more chat invitations for the foreseeable future.**

[end segment, upload, disconn--

Monday, September 18, 2017

Weather Or Not He Should

[medbot is observing Hairy's vitals, as he appears somewhat in distress, supposedly over his observations of unusual fish migrations, temperature changes, etc. Shelob notes intention to communicate, begins recording]

So, does Trump believe in climate change yet?

No announcement has been made to that effect as yet.
Keep me posted. Most politicians do about-faces whenever convenient. Record-breaking weather events ARE somewhat obvious, but deniable. Ah, well. [disconnect]

Hairy does possess enough knowledge to cause weather events such as this, but he maintains that "the human power of denial could overcome any truth" and that he is not interested in causing harm. He will peacefully accept your destructive continuations.