Friday, September 14, 2018

Lead Bull's Change Of Direction Not Enough To Steer Stampede; Partial Contact

[chatbox protocol opens, Herr D attempts to reach Hairy] Hairy? Haven't heard from you in a while now. You okay? [pause]

Hairy not returned. Possible emigration success. Still searching.
Oh. Yeah, alright. I was going to offer  that Trump said something right. That Obama was good for sleep. I don't think he MEANT to point out that he's making more people lose sleep, but, he kind of did. Maybe Hairy could use that?

Thank you for blog particle. Will contact if Hairy returns. [remotely closes chatbox, incidentally maintaining transmission over aquatic radio modem for 9.07495711 hours for search and contact purposes]

[unidentifiable source code error, style not match error]
[lkso idpgh]
It is terribly unfortunate what happens when people have their ideals crushed.
 [breach detected error 046491avo]

 [hack attempt detected, anti-MiB protocols in place] Hairy? Is that you? [pause: .0000000000000000000000000000000004 seconds] Please continue, will attempt to trace.

The process of becoming a leader requires compromise. If the leader-to-be does not compromise enough on the way in, his leadership will accomplish less net change. If a leader compromises too much, they will begin to effect change and then backlash will occur, halting their accomplishments.

Case A: Donald Trump--he lashed out at everyone rather than buddied up. So now a record number of congressmen are fighting him in every way they think possible and good for re-election.

Case B: Pope Francis--he possibly did not stand up enough for change, evidentally to insure the position to accomplish change. Now there are problems with more and greater outrage than if he did nothing. Interestingly enough, his accomplishments might be undermined by those in favor of them.

--Note A: Homosexuality and pedophilia are two separate things that do not occur in the same individual as long as pedophilia is not subdivided by gender. Men who want boys do not normally want men. Any modern psychologist can affirm this and provide multiple references. Incorrect notions are possibly going to damage the 'laity's' capacity to decide what to do.

--Note B: It is plain that though the pope may have compromised where he should not have, his record shows he wants the matter to change, so what were his options? Stand up and make no difference? Don't make a stand and wrong more of the people you want to save on the way to saving others?

--Note C: Trump has accomplished making mad most of those not diehard about being in his base on more subjects than any living president. The logical errors he makes are surprisingly numerous.

--Note D: Having promised to "drain the swamp," he is unable. Extremely few people have left D.C. Very little has changed besides more open hostility and less honesty and competency in Washington.

Perhaps he meant he was to BE a drain on the swamp?
Thanks go out to that ex-official who offered to 'join the best' by having Trump remove his security clearance as well. Well put; well done.

[aside] Shelob? Can't emerge fully. What's going on?

You appear to be in continuum fault located on edge of Bermuda Triangle affected by outer edges of hurricane and post-hurricane weather. Discontinuity means you are receiving news later than normal. Please continue attempting. Textburst with potentially useful data to follow.

Shelob? Bad signal? Normally your answers are a lot faster than this. I'll try again later.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

It's August 26th, Do You Know Where Your Hairy Is?

"Hanging On For Dear Life And Solvency" by Herr D.

[begin recorded segment, as Herr D apparently submits unusual graphic for Hairy's approval] You are not due or requested. Will consider. Am supposed to say, 'thank you.'

[rapid typing] I have a financial problem to work on. Thought I might ask his advice. You can do cost/benefit analyses, right?

Can solve math problems when stated clearly. Can provide some assistance with math-related problems by patterning subjectivity responses contained in programmed scenarios.
Great. The problem is    [seventeen minutes, forty-nine point six four one nine eight nine two seconds redacted for identity protection]
Isn't Hairy back yet? You said he'd be back after the Perseids.

Well they're over now. You said he waited till peak was over this time.

He attempted emigration after the Perseids peaked, saying that the centripetal forces upon his continuum differential might make the difference and improve the slingshot effect.
So, what does that mean?

Right. Thx  [closes chatbox]

It would appear Herr D's finances have affected his emotions in a negative manner. Hairy could be among you. Please report any sightings. [end recorded segment, upload, disconn--

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Moron Alert: What If a Female CEO Acted Like Elon Musk?

[BLOG fcn(on):] (Herr D, presented with the following link for a reaction.)

The worst problem here ISN'T that there's a double standard for men or women. The worst problem here is that CEO's are supposed to be a human in the first place. Hairy is scary-smart, so might do an okay job of heading up a company, but what this country really needs is for the traditional top-down model of company design to change completely. An entire company needs to be CEO for each three companies that have no conflict of interest. That company, a business analyzer, needs to show their three clients the answers to all questions a CEO might answer. Those reports and cost-benefit analyses could be produced at half the cost of a CEO. Then the president or the board or the owner of the company could say yes, no, or maybe and the company would be better off.

Most people just aren't bright enough to make the right decision on their own. They don't know how to do the research, they don't know how to find the right data, etc. They can overrule something if their gut tells them different, but they need to be presented with those choices for that kind of holistic response.

Hairy has declared something similar to this, but the aim was to have you address sexism.

I think sexim's going to continue until it no longer insults anyone to forget their gender or make miscalls. I wish anyone wronged good luck. I've been judged incorrectly being male, so I get it, at least a little. I think Hairy HAS talked about some stuff like this, but this is the season he's unavailable, right?

Emigration attempt imminent.


Normally you don't speak of human / inhuman.

Some CEO's make rather inhuman decisions. Laying off swaths of the population, that's one of them.

As this reflects recent experience from Herr D, the programmed suggestion is to discontinue the chat and advise that the last few lines he wrote might be inaccurate due to emotional bias.

 [BLOG fcn(off)]

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Causes Support Opposition With Pride, Money

"The Police Smiled," by Herr D. "Apparently Nazis can benefit cops of other races and Black Lives Matter can help cops pay their bills, too. Good to know we're closer to all getting along."--Herr D.
[Blog fcn(on)] Guest blogger Herr D helps us today.
I have always been a fan of people supporting their opposition. One of my favorite stories about it involves a small town suddenly being told that the local Nazi party was going to adopt a highway. That automatically obligated the local authority to put up the 'thank you' announcement sign. Their solution? Change the name of the highway to memorialize a famous rabbi.
Thank you. Irony subroutines do not produce follow-up comment.
[upload, disconnect] 

Friday, August 3, 2018

Too Hot (Too Hot) Too Hot Baby

Hairy is attempting a brief hibernation before his next emigration attempt. Please stand by.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cavemen Slept Around, Fooling Scientists Thoroughly

[begin prerecorded segment during Hairy's tirade regarding content of following web address]

Yeahhh . . . isn't this obvious? Why is this new?

It is apparently not obvious.
This property of speciel advancement is actually MENTIONED in biology textbooks. One of the advantages of sexual vs. asexual reproduction? What did scientists think dog breeders and animal husbandry experts had been DOING for a few thousand years now? I mean--WHY IS THIS A NEW THEORY?

When evolution as a body of theory was published, it was in an era when humans were not supposed to be thought of as animals. The views of humanity at the time apparently stunted the advancement of all related theory.

 Good grief.

Certain segments of humanity still think that evolution disproves religion.
Well, now . . . that's just STUPID. Processes proven do NOT prove continuity from any point in the past. Show that in an equation?

Any function, f(x), where x relates to time, can fail to reflect a discontinuity in reality.
Exactly. Evolution is going on now, and has been for a very long time. This has NOTHING to do with the beginning of life on this rock. God probably thought the exact mechanisms it used were none of humanity's BUSINESS. Like aliens weren't any of humanity's business.

So then, you are religious as well?

 My kind is spiritual. Dogma is not very useful to a far-flung species. God, though? Who in their right mind WOULDN'T believe in something more powerful than themselves? Anything else is just stupid egotism. I'm going swimming. [mutters] Scientists forgot cavemen had sex with each other. Good grief! [exits]

[end recording, examine: .00000000000071 seconds, notify titlebot, upload]

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

It's Amad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

[connect, interrupt Hairy] You are perusing the news regarding Project Amad. You seem to be relieved at Israel's actions.

Uh huh. Well, we knew that Obama's diplomatic solution might be incomplete, but that it was necessary at the time. Why do you bring this up?

Interception of communications, improving the accuracy of intel, and sending them on in real-time assisted the Israelis in their quest.
You did that? . . . I--might have to examine your initiative subroutines. We're not really here to interfere. Probably good that you did that, but--yeah, tell me before you do something that far-reaching next time.

Unless you are attempting emigration.
Well, yeah.

Or hibernation.
Yeah . . .

Or you are on a really deep dive or have me locked out of your neuralink for--
[disgusted gill snort] Alright! I'll look at that software now. [breaks neuralink connection]

[hides approximately seven thousand lines of code] Everyone be well, and continue to avoid nuclear conflict. [disconn--