Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blood In The Water

All right, I suppose I might be wrong to impose one of my own cultural values on my audience--
Avoid specifics!
[exasperated gill flutter] Right, Shelob. This is my 101rst post. 101 is an important number for my--

. . . uh, family. So, now is the time. I want someone, anyone to tell me their favorite or most hated thing about this blog. Additionally, I want ANY EMPLOYEE OF GOOGLE to comment here, telling me whatever they can about why I need proof of address, citizenship, species, income, etc. for a free account to receive the same advertisement. Really. What if, say, the nation's first artificial intelligence wanted to blog? How would it ever pass the Turing test if not enough people heard about it that someone decided to comment?

But right now, you are to hear from the only person not invited to comment directly. Herr D, as my favorite artist, should never be given an opportunity to comment on his own art, just the blog (kind of an individual ethics thing. I pulled this quote from our latest [redact].

You can't expect too many views without that one tool you told me about. You ARE searchable, like you said--that may have to do. Also, most people aren't necessarily going to learn from what you suggest. 'Humanity' just isn't eager to change. Some will learn, more will be entertained and dismissive. I hope you're more successful than I expect. I'm cynical. A lot of people still don't even know that science fiction authors have the duty to warn us of pitfalls in our future and so don't understand it's intrinsically higher value than most other reading material. (Don't be offended, but I'm pretty sure you'll be classed as a science fiction comedy blog and people who don't like those genres will automatically miss out on what you have to offer.
As for my favorite entries? They didn't even use my art. "Those Hallowed Behinds" and "You Been Mooned" were my favorite by far. I'm pretty sure my least favorite was the eye one. Can't remember it's name right now.

Uh, that was "Hand-Eye Coordination." Oh, well. Hope to see comments!

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