Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Citizens In, GNP out?

"U.S. Control Of Infusion Services" by Herr D, heromachine.com,
rights reserved. I think he portrays some inherent problems fairly
well, as well as the inherently self-conflicting balance issues,--Hairy
I've been reading a lot about the immigration and 'anchor baby' accusations. That's one problem that I don't envy anyone. Obviously separating families is not ideal. Some family situations obviously can't make up for economic strife, geopolitical stressors, genocidal mongrels, climatic disasters, regimes unfit for the authority it takes to run a hot dog stand, etc.

I've also been worried about the stagnation of America, or, as Herr D depicted above, the evaporation of the essence of American success. It's a big deal. America is settled down too much. Where are the new Edisons and Einsteins? Why is America becoming a nation without sturdy, lasting products that are craved the world over? What sane person wants America to be a service industry?

The fact is, America can't bank on its former success forever. CEOs are going to have to be worth keeping or ousted or demoted or transferred out to consultant firms. If that doesn't happen, businesses won't run well enough. This being a capitalist nation, the success of the nation depends on the success of the businesses rather than the success of the business owners. Wage earners are going to have to be paid enough to live on so they can be mentally present at work enough to innovate for their own positions, besides caring enough to maintain product and service quality. If these things don't happen enough, America WON'T continue to succeed well enough.

One way to get more new out of America is to put more new in. There ARE people who want to adopt. Let them prove they can raise a kid that would otherwise be an anchor baby?

Who has suggestions to make this idea work better?

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