Friday, August 22, 2014

He Called It

[burbling laughter] I called it, didn't I, Shelob?!

Uncertain. Prediction?

Yeah! Those journalists that were claiming Obama didn't care, that he was on vacation? He was organizing black ops rescue attempts on kidnapped journalists. He was as involved as they come. I KNEW he was doing SOMETHING. I commented that none of the people talking trash were showing anything but ignorance--

Yet you commented American soldiers were too far out to act except as rescuers.

[three eyes blink, two eyes bug out] YOU told me that.

Radio signals were misleading.

Do you think those signal swappers are in use?

The devices that swap transmission content and locations on instruments between warring sides?

Yeah, those. Great concept, except that all anyone has to do is deliberately bomb their own people, and it kills the enemy.

Not scheduled for invention yet.

It doesn't matter anyway; Isis is ALREADY  killing their own more than we are. It's in the perverted nature of an organization like th-- [disappears]

Strobe alert. Equipment check commencing. Seeking Hairy. Today's blog entry ends.

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