Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hug A Genius Day

Before I made the last entry, Herr D told me explicitly that a lot of people might not like encouraging an influx of new citizens. When I asked him why, he said that people 'forget' their roots and feel desperate to preserve the 'now,' and I didn't understand much of that. So I asked him whether he thought the geniuses already in country would be enough to ensure America's continued success, and he said, "Even a prophet goes unrecognized in his home town."

Located quotation. As you suspected, it is from the Bible.

--yeah, thanks, Shelob. So, I encouraged him to show me graphically what it's like to be an American genius. I PRE-titled his picture "What It Feels Like To Be Off The Bell Curve." (I think he's still depressed over RW's suicide.) Anyway, this is what he came up with:

By Herr D on That sums it up, I think.
So that's the alternative, huh? Treat your own citizens with high intelligence better? Listen to them and let them improve things? Reward them for being smart? Turn them into the heroes of tomorrow? --OH, THE HORROR THAT WOULD BE!

[No wonder he gets so sour sometimes.] All my readers have an assignment as of RIGHT NOW. Go hug a genius. They need one worse than anyone. If you can't find one, wave and smile and provide encouraging words to all the above-average-intelligence people you know.

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