Thursday, August 14, 2014

Obama Has Told ONE Lie

Yes. One. It's called a lie of omission. The feed Shelob showed me was cutting out because of a signal problem, so I don't have exact words anyway. What he said was approximately: "The problems in Iraq won't go away quickly. It will take time."

If he had been perfectly honest, he would have had to say something closer to the following:

"The problems in Iraq won't go away quickly. It will take time"[, you short-sighted morons with selective memories! You wouldn't have elected a president without an exit plan from Iraq. Millions of people moaned that we were taking too long to get them out. WELL WE OBVIOUSLY LISTENED TO YOU TOO @#$%^&* MUCH, AND YOU WERE WRONG. Stop imagining that you know what you're saying, stop punishing me for fulfilling my campaign promises, and stop pretending you didn't VOTE FOR THIS.]

Prez? You're like a warrior who personally helped spear the opposing king and saw most of your army turn their backs on you. You're brave, you're good, you're worth having, you're maybe above average on top of that, and you're surely going to be punished for doing so well.

I'm not gonna claim I like every decision you make, (I don't) but it IS highly interesting to me that all of your most vocal opponents are complete morons. I'd expect more of them to show a shred of intelligence. If you would like to tell me I'm right or wrong about any of what I've said about you or your policies, I'd welcome your comments above all. GOOGLE HAS MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION TO ACCEPT E-MAILS ON MY BEHALF FROM ANY WORLD LEADER AFTER VERIFYING THEIR IDENTITY. I'm sure they wouldn't mind the additional hits that will cause.

Prez? You've been criticized for working on the mouldering ruin of the insurance industry that nobody else dared touch. You've been criticized for keeping Americans in Iraq too long. You've been criticized for staying out of Iraq for too long. You've been criticized for not telling the media your plans--

Excuse me.


Why would a commander-in-chief publicly announce military plans? Giving up "element of surprise" deliberately would be exceptionally foolish.

Oh. Yeah, it definitely would be. Even on this scale. What was it you said about comparative military strength?

At current believed military strength, Hamas and Isis combined could not defeat a token U.N. military force, much less a full-scale national military movement. 

Yeah, what about the Kurds and Sufi and the anti-Hamas locals and the other sensible locals?

Uncertain probabilities. Long and short range radio transmissions bounced back from "extra" black satellite and decrypted indicates that 'foreign' forces are not well placed except for rescuing refugees, but local forces have already managed to eliminate more targets than the media is aware of.

I'm sorry about all that fighting. So they really ARE doomed unless they follow my advice?

Excessive bungling or caution could cause their survival, despite the odds. Perhaps pride angle should be examined.

I'm sorry, what?

A deity could never be proud of their level of progress or success even if it were in favor of their actions and plans. In fact, current data suggests a deity proud of coercive conversion and killing all opposition would be more proud of them if they committed suicide and were never found.

That--sounds horrible. A deity like that wouldn't be worth following. So you're saying that even if their beliefs were RIGHT their own DEITY would be ashamed of them?!
Yikes. How many people think fundamentalist radicals need to convert to something else? I mean, if 95% of the world hated me and my own DEITY thought so little of me, I might be mad enough to kill people too.

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