Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Origin Of The Facetious

Shelob! What's next on our request list?

Explain human name selection with graphic.

Is that still on there? Do you think people would be interested?

Insufficient data for meaningful answer at this time. Graphic being created.

Y-yeah, thanks. Okay, turn on the blog function.


Hello, everyone. I'm Hairy Deewon. At least, I've been blogging under that name for about five moon cycles, and my best bud Herr D has known me under that name ever since I stopped using random alphanumeric strings. They worked pretty well. What's in a name anyway?

The fact is, I chose the name Hairy to fit in. I might be hairy by my species' family's standard, but that's not saying much. Then I found out it was a homonym for Harry. Oops?

Then I needed a last name to seem more human sociable. Herr D was kind enough to explain that last names were traditionally based on one's occupation, or life calling, while he was moaning about not having enough affordable creative outlets. I sent Shelob searching for free graphics software--

No record found.

That was before I gave you autobackup. You probably didn't realize it would be important. --Anyhow, I had been toying with the idea of being a blog-benefactor, advice-giver, etc., when Shelob showed me a picture of a demon made on art software. I was horrified. Doesn't evil get enough press? So I looked at the 'M.'


I knew I my goal was to be the opposite, so I pointed mine upwards as an inside joke about how things were a bit upside down by, uh, local standards.



You use two 'E's.

Yeah, that was before the neuralink was finished. Made a LOT more typos then. [stops for a moment to look at tentacles] It'd be too much work to change that now. So Herr D went for a soundalike moniker based on an event in his own life as I convinced him to try heromachine.com and test out some things for me. It was a while before he convinced me to take up my mantle officially. That's it, guys. 

Do any of you have an origin story you'd like to share?

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