Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Step Off! That's It, Man!

Everyone please applaud HERR D! I didn't know it, but he's been working a full moon cycle now. He may be unable to make as many cartoons for me, but hey: feed the young, I get it. As it happens, it's not just the employment. He has overcome an example of unethical management. A manager at his former employer gave him an instruction, he followed it instead of questioning it, the manager scapegoated him and ducked out on admitting giving the instruction, got appointed the "on-site HR investigator," had him fired, and got him listed as "non-rehirable."

So he was out of work for almost a year. Grapevine has it that his substitutes and former co-workers felt hardship at his termination. On top of that, a product he has used for most of his life has just changed for the worse. He's working on finding an acceptable substitute.

So, he made me this cool fish picture. . .

Herr D,, rights reserved.
 and I had Shelob 'multiply' it. Herr D, I hope you're a part of the group you should be now. Good luck.
Shake loose of the nets and join those as deserving as you.

"Multiply the good you can do by being part of a like-minded group." It's great advice, maybe possible for me someday. 

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