Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Coast Is Clearly Missing One More Intelligent Life Form

[Plugs in neuralink, shivers] Uh, Shelob?

Finished efficiency audit.

Yeah. Do you know the ship is overdue for an overhaul?

Inadvisable until next continuum jump.

Minimum four, maximum eleven high tides from now?

Correct. Dredge alert as well.

Can you handle it by yourself, Shelob?

Yes. Equipment primed and ready for hosting. Automatics standing by. Announce blog interrupt now, please.

Wh--[choking] Hello, everyone? I've got to stop blogging for a few days. Probably four days. So I'll be posting again on Monday--

Tuesday, allowing for quantum degradation.

Tuesday at earliest. Make your cease-fires longer, your leaders smarter, and work on your language some more. I'll be back! [temperature of water 106 meters in all directions heats up 3 / 1000's of a degree, nearly unnoticable ripple forms, disperses, magnetic signature of immediate coastal area weakens slightly]

I will ask that you all behave and autocorrect until his return. [disconnect]

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