Monday, August 18, 2014

WMD Proof, Just Not How THEY Said . . .

"Baby Got Out" by Herr D on, rights reserved. He assures me that he hasn't ever let this happen.
Hairy, reminder: blog upon weapons of mass destruction. Imply false difficulty in manufacture.

[choking sound] Okay, Shelob, turn on the neuralink.


I've been blathering on the past couple of days about how leaders mess everything up and how people under them, in turn, mess them up.  I understand that there are still people arguing about whether there were weapons of mass destruction in certain locations at certain times.

That is somewhat foolish.

I happen to know for a fact that there are weapons of mass destruction in EVERY single country ALL the time in EACH locality, and no one has ever done ANYTHING about most of them. Their creation requires no specific amount of money or chemical resources. No training or scientific background is required for implementation. No special skills are necessary either. You don't need to look up the instructions on a banned web site. There is no watch list in America in a letter organization especially designated toward those responsible for producing the most devastating weapon on the planet Earth unless there happens to be an unofficial one in a break room somewhere. Even those who make MORE of them receive no special attention from the intelligence community.

What's really amazing is that without this weapon in particular, there will never be any other weapons invented or designed here. The weapon I'm speaking of is children. Hitler and Hussein and bin Laden and Pol Pot were all children at one point. "The mind is the best weapon."

Quoting "Rambo?"

Why not? The big lug happens to be right. --Look, I could point out that it used to take more work, more money, more practice, etc. to kill more than a hundred people. Should I elaborate for clarity?


Back when spears were the height of accomplishment, one person killing a hundred people was extremely unlikely and difficult. When swords became available, one person killing a hundred people was exhausting. When machine guns became available, one person killing a hundred people became just            -- stressful. When nuclear bombs became available, killing a thousand people became pushing a few buttons. You know, Shelob, what the inventors of the nuclear bomb, mustard gas, sarin, TTR, and S109 all had in common?

They invented things.

They were children at one point. I asked my bud Herr D what the most expensive thing his kids had ever broken was. He said his eldest broke a day care once.
--See? They start young.
If you don't want these WMD's to get out of control, you'd probably better treat them closer to how Herr D treats his and less like Hussein's parents treated him. He broke a whole country. He was abused.

It's very difficult to treat people well, but the life you save might be your own. Good luck with that.

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