Thursday, October 30, 2014


Shelob? What did you say? I couldn't hear you.


Yeah, I still can't hear you. [neuralink-activated subroutine verifying blog function as 'on'] I seem to be having a LOT more interference than normal with the electronics here. Whole lair is frizzing out--and not a clue why. Herr D is incommunicado, health problems, apparently. I can't seem to fi--


--lob is having trouble too. [checks neuralink, double-checks battery, adds secondary battery pack, swaps primary] My chronometer is offline.

Oh, well. Today's topic should obviously be overdependence on electronics. How many of you could do your jobs without them working? Let's just say the HVAC units and oxygen regulators on your building worked--


Sorry, Shelob--didn't get that. Stop transmitting and locate the problem.

Let's say you're comfortable but your phone, net, satlinks, and anything with a digital panel just stopped for the day. How handicapped would you be? I know that retailers have what they refer to as knucklebusters for processing credit card transactions, and anyone could figure out how to use an abacus given time. How about it? Obviously blogging is out. Which occupations are hopeless? Why?

Mmmf. If my chronometer isn't working either, then maybe I'm strobing, or preparing to--

[unintentional disconnect error]

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