Thursday, October 23, 2014

Silt In The Lair, Sexy Costumes

Yowza. [All five eyes glued to screen, tentacles slowly netting plankton and debris manually into sortation device]


[voice from speaker directly under screen] Here.

Oh. I keep forgetting you can do that. How common is this Halloween thing?

Holiday or movies?

[choking sounds] The holiday. Why did you even let me watch those? You know violence depresses me--even if it IS, as you suggest, a metaphor for backward thinking.

You asked for metaphors on resurgence of chronic societal problems. Holiday is annual event.

Have we been to one of those things before?

Machine travelogue scavenged from ship wreckage indicates you have. No record of Shelob having been designed yet.

I'll have to look through my old photos and jog my memory. It looks like fun. This costume site has some pretty models dressed as lobster, jellyfish, octopi--I mean, wow! Yes. You asked for evidence of interspecies fetishism in population. Fetishism for mermaids much more common. You asked for reminder to blog.

Look at the claws on HER! You know, Shelob? I don't really understand why any species that spends so much time in close proximity to one another wouldn't feel grateful enough to just mate and dispense with most versions of variety. [one eye lolls around away from screen to see debris wafting in through crack in wall] Uchhh. It's getting in again.

That question?

What? [agitates net filters] People are so lucky. They aren't stuck trillions of miles and hundreds of years away from each other--so why all the trappings and specific rules and objections and other specifics about mating? [irritatedly clears silt from one eye] Shelob? Can you take care of this? I'll be in my bunk.

Noted. [mechanical eye turns on, watches Hairy climb into 'cocoon'] //pseudoJava //FakeLisp //blogentry subject: variety in mating record from timestamp 96981503 blogroutine NoPic


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