Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tell Us Whether This Picture Is Scary . . .

"Your Turn To Tell The Leader," by Herr D, made on hero-                                                                         
Just a quick question today, guys. Herr D asked me to find out whether anyone would comment on whether this picture was scary or not. I'm really not so scared of the unknown, having seen far too many instances where the unknown was even more irrelevant, insignificant, and downright pointless than the known, despite what individuals feared.

Herr D insists that the unknown is normally scarier to hu, uh, to people because modern C.G.I. makes it possible to see illusory frightening things of all kinds at anyone's convenience.

This picture, therefore, should be VERY scary to the thoughtful kind of person who fears the unknown. Let us know, huh?

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