Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Test, Test--Shelob? Is It On?


Is it working?


Oh, good! I've got to be more careful about my comings and goings. That diver got WAY too close. Moving took an entire TIDE longer than I thought, too.

You didn't factor in time looking at the Spice Channel.

My research? [looks around innocently] You know, when people look at the mating habits of other species, it's called naturalism. When people are the subject, they call it porn--I don't get it.

From emotional reaction, reason is significant. For you too.

Sentience makes it more interesting. An aphorism from my, uh, hometown is: "The mind is the most sexual organ."

Are you concerned about oppression issues?

No. In theory, people could stop making porn if they wanted to. There's enough on file in multiple formats to keep the industry alive forever. There are three reasons to make porn. The best reason to make it is that you want to. Amateur hour has its very own market now, from what I can tell. Exhibitionists could very easily have an enjoyable career if they become popular and get in with the right group of people. The second reason is the money. Some people join various roles of 'less respectable society' because they can make so much more money without working harder or in ways that they dislike more than other jobs.

It's the third reason that can be troubling. Some people believe they can't do anything else. Well now. Some people ARE gullible enough to believe the insulting nonsense that naysayers claim. Fact is, most people can push a broom or drive a riding lawnmower or wash dishes competently enough. Every society NEEDS people who can say the local equivalent of, "You want fries with that?" three hundred times a day.

What's worse is that human society, even America, has a problem with status infliction.

Status seeking?

No. Status INFLICTION. Street sweepers are treated as if they are less important than executives.
--I've got bad news for all the CEOs out there. Companies can get by without a CEO. Lots of them have and were more successful for it. Without the janitors, companies can't keep operating.

Yet--people can't support a family of eight with one 40-hour-a-week janitor's job?
That makes absolutely no sense at all. How would YOU arrange things differently?

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