Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Modest Proposal

Announcement: I have uncovered troubling news. With Shelob temporarily down for maintenance and Herr D on family time, I didn't notice the hacking that ruined his computer. I cannot repair his hardware or fix his software issues without visiting him personally. (Not likely to happen.) I contacted him through a friend's computer, and I was surprised to find that he didn't want me to turn in the five hacking trails I uncovered.

He is undoubtedly more forgiving than me.

I almost went against his wishes when I discovered a sixth. There was a SIXTH hacker who did no damage, did a much better job of track-covering--still got nowhere close to identifying me, but . . .

Now I admire TWO humans that I've interacted with virtually.

Whoever you were, I hope you find whatever you're looking for besides me. If Google would show my comments, Shelob would show them to me, and I'd be happy to converse.

Now, as to those five: I might do as Herr D asked. I don't know. You aren't as invisible as you think, and the authorities don't care if the evidence is fake. Ask any victim of identity theft. Damage does not impress me, it DEpresses me, and makes me wonder whether I actually want to help out.

What WOULD impress me? The same thing that would make you five heroes.

1. Find a victim of identity theft.
2. Provide proof anonymously to the authorities of the victim's innocence.
3. Without causing violence or hardware damage, lead the authorities right to the perpetrator.
4. Declare your unwillingness to testify in an anonymous msg to the prosecution.

The first two to pull this off? I guarantee I'll forget about.

The other three? We'll see.

I'll be watching you five. [disconnect]

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