Friday, January 9, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Has Won Posthumously--Martyrs Always Do

Okay . . . [rapid motion signals to device for 'on' ending] YO! EXTREMISTS! ARE YOU LISTENING?! Wednesday is about YOU.

When people get mad and scream, they disagree. When people kill others for the others' silence, it is out of fear. Disagree? Psyc 101. The same principles that allow people to stay silent out of fear of reprisal from tyrants, terrorists, etc. The same principles that allow killers of cartoonists to rationalize what they are doing as right. Disagree? Yell and scream like civilized people. Don't kill others over completely intangible things like animals kill over territory. Stop disappointing me. I want to believe you count as sentient. I imagine that any Supreme Being can defend themselves or allow people to go to your version of hell without any help from you.

A certain satire mag was hit at recently. Among those people who felt offended, had their Supreme Being blasphemed against, were explicitly poked fun at? All mainstream religions, but even offended, the world prefers them to you.

Guess who weren't SCARED of what the magazine had in it? Priests, yogis, ministers, rabbis, Wiccans, Buddhist monks, atheists, agnostics, philosophers, and all sane and reasonable emir.

Three terrorists and maybe some backers were too scared of what they might continue to say to leave them be. Imagine! Your fear has defeated you. You've convinced the world you are in the wrong.

Congratulations, extremists, you made your victims martyrs for truth, freedom of speech, those people who hate your whole religion, artists, journalists, unarmed security guards, gun-haters, and any other cause you happen to be against. People who aren't even HUMAN want to be Charlie too.

Your souls are doomed unless you make amends. Good luck with that. [disconnect]

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