Friday, January 23, 2015

Frilled, Not Thrilled During Rebuild

-n top of the lair. [indeterminate banging] And then, what am I due for?

Sea life discovery newsfeed, time index 50475944951.

They found a bigger squid? [two eyes widen, one eye rolls, two eyes still focused on tentacles working, 95% probability translates to sarcasm]

Frilled shark. Here. [sixteen seconds pass]

[moderate laughter]  "looks prehistoric?" How would he know? Anyhow, it's about time they found one. Those guys have been swimming upwards a lot recently.

Your question has obvious answer.


[neuralink burst of first "Land Of The Lost" original episode containing 'Sleestaks.'] Their time travelers discovered a similar look.

[heavy laughter] Um--[laughter muffling by tentacle manually squashing gills shut] NO, Shelob. That was a show. Did you misfile this? That's not Travelogues, that's Literature.


The wackihood of the physics involved is worth studying all by itself!

Unfamiliar term.



Some people don't have programmable assistants to remind them of things or neuralinks to refresh their memories.

This is category of "those less fortunate" that you mentioned.

Yeah. Can you look for the twister thingy?

Wrench equivalent.

Yeah. I knocked it off--[disconnect]

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