Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello to all of you out there not celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday. I will not, under any circumstances tell any of you right now anything about one man's value or his story or his message or anything specific to him at all.

He spoke what he believed to be important. He was killed. That happens a lot in human history.

What happens frequently in these times is people requesting moments of silence.

I know some people don't realize that killing other people for what they say or believe is wrong, but I'm going to have to applaud those large numbers of people who are being murdered for being Christians in the middle East. Clearly you guys being murdered are the better people. It's a terrible shame that murderers will survive you. I regret even more that the survivors will teach more people to act the way that they did. Even if I felt well, I'm no hero, willing to take personal risk to cause the bad guys to sleep it off. Sometimes I wish I were.

Everyone killing them? Instead of killing people, or yelling at them, maybe you guys should try a moment of silence too? --At least you wouldn't have to worry about sounding stupid.

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