Thursday, January 1, 2015

Missing Misses Since Messed-Up Mission

[slow thudding of waves knocking boat against pier]

Are you looking for more fireworks?

[startle reaction: rigidity of three deepest tentacles in preparation of sinking] What?! No.  I didn't know you'd downloaded to this boat's computer. How long have you been up here?

1.48 seconds before speaking. You appear to be staring skyward with most of your eyes.

Yes. I was just missing some beings I haven't seen since the crash.

Traditionally, Auld Lang Syne is sung at New Year's celebrations. It explicitly reminds people to renew or at least remember (uncertain of context) old acquaintances.

Well, this is a tradition that I approve of highly. I wonder what it is about these particular constellation perspectives caused by this approximate placement in the sky that gives me a similar urge?

Perhaps your recent trip and observation of human socialization is the source of said urge.

Oh. No, that makes more sense. [one blue and one green eye refocus on sky for a moment] Yeah, Shelob, why don't we make a blog entry about that urge, uh? Since it's appropriate for the season and all.

Agreed. [disconnect]

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