Monday, January 5, 2015

Reality T.V. Not Virtually Understandable

[rhythmic thudding] I have wondered how well I was going to do, mostly out of touch with my artist, Herr D, and with Shelob offline. [clunk]

OW. [shuddering passes through red tentacle] $%^& Anyhow, the biggest problem I'm having is with keeping track of time. The h- . . . uh, the local calendar is a little difficult for me. [thudding resumes]

Since yesterday was Saturday and the day before was Sunday, then I'm right to start blogging again today--Monday. So . . . I gotta ask--why is reality t.v. popular? [thudding continues]

I've been wondering about this for some time now. If you want to see reality, what do you need to pay for television for? I really just don't get it. Look around your OWN lagoon, why don't you? The idea of interesting television for me is a chance to escape for a while. I know that businesses aren't interested in taking as many chances right now, so the hundreds of thousands of new authors out there are going untried, but come ON. Record and display real people living real lives? [thudding stops] Would anyone out there actually enjoy watching someone use a hammer? Why would you want to watch people argue in real life? Why would you want that?

I really would like to know.

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