Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whether Weather By Students Or Prudence

During Hairy's recuperation, my next assigned topic is the weather service. Hairy's last communication with Herr D concerned arthritic symptoms, which Herr D suffers from.

1. Currently, tens of thousands of dollars are spent by individuals on tuition to colleges to become meteorologists who make large salaries to be wrong a large percentage of time.

2. Large numbers of  condominiums are standing empty because of the "housing bubble."

3. Large numbers of elderly people have trouble making ends meet due to inflation, insufficient retirement plans, etc.

4. A certain small percentage of elderly people hurt differently before precipitation.

A government study could prove whether or not there are equidistant points placed over the map where elderly arthritic weather predictors could live in government-paid housing for typing weather data collected at set intervals into terminals. The data could obviously be collated and applied to an automated weather service by a simple computer program.

Meteorologists could still research weather patterns to become better predictors and write better programs, etc. Their industry could become much more cost effective this way.

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