Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Rope-A-Dope Pope

[recorded segment begins]

[batting away medbot's attempts to inject sleep meds] Fold UP, medbot! Go store yourself! I was LAUGHING, you obsolete obstinate oblong operator!


Explain laughter? [rotates one green eye toward Shelob's current speaker]

No. Explain source of laughter. That was a serious speech by an authority figure spoken of with surprising reverence by a majority of people, including people who disagree with the majority of what he represents.

The pope. I know that. [slaps medbot into the lair wall] He was addressing congress.

 Washington, D.C. 20510 and 20515

What? No! Addressing as in speaking formally to.

This is funny?

I have a context that makes it funny. [knocks medbot into a long spin and cages it with a plankton collector]

Explain context.

 Well, there's about sixteen hours of footage here containing pundits talking about the potential controversy of the pope addressing congress. In all that time, I think every potential national political hot button that could be pushed was mentioned. Every SINGLE thing that congress could argue about till they're blue in the face. Every thing that they've argued about with Obama.

Not certain of inclusion of--

Subtext! I get it, even if you don't. The point I'm making is that they were saying the pope would weigh in on topics in a way that would make various congressmen mad. Right?

That does appear to be the general prediction template. This is funny?

Not by itself. What's FUNNY is that at every point he spoke very little about absolute political stances or plans, and pointed out that they need to serve the American people with unity. DON'T ARGUE, JUST SERVE.

[three seconds pass] Did Pope Francis know he was addressing Congress?

[hysterical laughter, accompanied by lashing of tentacles] Good one! Good one! Anyway, good luck on not arguing and just serving! If they don't get their way, they get mad and go HOME! [derisive snicker] He got them GOOD. Point this out to our viewers, Shelob?

Transmission to be sent out shortly. [recording ends]

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