Friday, June 2, 2017

Greatest Ecological Hits Linked In Quiet Protest Of Accord Walkout

Oh is the element of surprise, according to recent comic strip in Washington Post. The following is an attempt to surprise Hairy into blogging.

[live interaction, unplanned]

[Hairy starts to put on the neuralink, and doesn't] He did it, didn't he?

Who did what?

He stepped out of the Paris thing.

The Paris Accords on prevention of climate change?

Yeah, that. How hard will it be to jump continuua? Go someplace where the climate isn't ruined?

1.338 times the energy of an emigration attempt. No continuum selection possible.

Right. No control over the destination does make me hesitate. At least that guy Jerry is doing better. You know? I haven't been blogging as much recently.

You have not. 

Right. Why don't you provide links to those former blog episodes on the topic of climate change? Two or three oughta do. [exits for a swim]

[.00000000000000000671 second scan] These links are for your enjoyment. 

Controversial: Provides fossil fuel recipe and potentially offensive material for atheists due to misunderstanding of taboos.


Convergence of views: Summation of why topical arguments are pointless.

Inspirational: A solution currently being explored by certain engineering firms.

Enjoy. [disconnect]

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